Refund Policy

Pro rata

All our refunds are pro rata, to you, this means in the case of a refund, you only pay what you’ve used. We will bill you only for the traffic used or the number of days you have had your account for. Refunds will be calculated based and whatever is used more time or traffic. Since few plans are unmetered and we want to prevent abuse, in case of refunds we will use 10TB traffic as base for refund calculations. Seedboxes that do not have unmetered traffic so each package has it’s own traffic.

7 days

Seedbox and VPS are covered with 7 days money back policy. You can order any of our services and use it as a test, you can cancel it within the first 7 days and we will refund your money.

How to request refund

To use this option you need to open a support ticket or just use “Immediate cancellation” under your package details in our manager and write in reason of this cancellation that you want your money back. Your seedbox will be cancelled as soon as we receive your request and then your money will be refunded.